Tourism Ireland launches St Patrick’s Overseas Marketing Programme 2010

Tourism Ireland is planning the biggest ever promotional programme of activities to showcase the island of Ireland around the world this year in the run-up to, and during, St Patrick’s Day.  Over seventy million people across the globe claim links with the island and that gives us a unique opportunity to showcase our wonderful tourism product to a huge audience, as people identify St Patrick’s Day with Ireland.
As you may have heard, we have secured agreement to allow us to “green” iconic buildings and attractions like the London Eye, the CN Tower in Toronto, the Sydney Opera House and others. 
This is probably a first for any destination and it clearly illustrates the goodwill that the island of Ireland brand generates across the world and we hope to continue it into the future. More importantly, it will help us capture the imagination of potential visitors in some of our main markets as we roll out our €26M/£23M first half marketing drive. 

We will use every opportunity to capitalise on Ireland’s heightened profile around this time to showcase the uniqueness of the holiday experience, the diversity of our culture and heritage, the friendliness of our people and the great value fares and offers available. The St Patrick’s programme will be an integral element of our first-half marketing drive aimed at generating immediate returns for our industry partners and restoring overseas tourism to growth in 2010.

Niall Gibbons
Chief Executive

Green Icons

Some programme highlights:

Unique “greening” of Sydney Opera House, London Eye and other iconic structures around the world turn green in honour of St Patrick’s Day…
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Great Britain                                                                                               
St Patrick’s celebrations – one of the biggest consumer events in the first quarter of 2010…
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Mainland Europe
Europe 1 Radio, train stations, street promotions and travel fairs…                          
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North America
“Back to the USA/Team Ireland" sales blitzes, consumer and trade promotions…
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New & Developing Markets                                                                      
Parades and trade and media events in Australia, China, Japan, UAE, India and South Africa…
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