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100 Million to see Titanic Belfast and Northern Ireland overseas


Dear Industry Colleague,

The most extensive programme of promotions ever undertaken for Northern Ireland around the globe reaches an exciting peak this weekend with the opening of Titanic Belfast.

From our advertising campaigns, to the media and TV crews we have invited in, to our dedicated Titanic website,, we are getting the message out there that the Titanic story was born in Belfast and this is where it is all happening in 2012.

People at home sometimes underestimate the huge interest in the Titanic story around the world and the exceptional opportunity that this weekend’s opening offers in terms of putting Belfast, and Northern Ireland, centre stage. Our promotions are capitalising on this interest in Titanic, building the recognition of Belfast as home of the famous ship.

Our Titanic promotions are just part of Tourism Ireland’s overall ni2012 programme this year which will reach up to 100 million people across the world. Our message is that –  with the opening of Titanic Belfast, the new Giant’s Causeway Centre, the Irish Open at Royal Portrush, the Peace One Day Concert in Londonderry, and all the other great events and happenings – there never has been a better year to visit Northern Ireland. Below are some highlights of our promotions.

TITANIC ezineNiall_Gibbons
Niall Gibbons

Chief Executive

Highlights of our campaigns include:  

  • 70% of the entire population in GB, will see advertising for Northern Ireland up to 15 times during 2012
  • Images of Titanic Belfast and Northern Ireland are on the London underground
  • 4,700 Titanic ads are running at transport hubs around GB
  • 60-second ads will air in advance of screenings of the re-released Titanic 3D movie 
  • 20 million Americans are seeing Northern Ireland ads and features in glossy magazines including The New Yorker, Condé Nast Traveler and Bon Appétit 
  • Over 5 million New Yorkers will see Tourism Ireland’s ‘Jump into Northern Ireland’ ad around the new four-part Titanic series by Julian Fellowes on ABC 
  • Hundreds of overseas media have been invited to come see Titanic for themselves -
    ITV’s Daybreak, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian, NBC TV and the Washington Post are just some examples
  • Another 100 media are due to fly in this weekend and over the coming weeks
    The Times, the New York Post, the Chicago Tribune, Figaro magazine
    and The Times of India
  • Mainland Europe and Australia and markets like the Middle East, India and China
    are all promoting Titanic Belfast and ni2012.

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