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Actor and Comedian Chris O’Dowd urges Londoners to ‘Escape to Ireland’
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Actor and Comedian Chris O’Dowd and Tourism Ireland are urging Londoners to ‘Escape the Madness’ of the transport congestion there this summer and to come holiday here instead.
Chris_Escape the madness
As part of our ‘Escape the Madness’ campaign in Britain, Tourism Ireland has created a new short film featuring a cameo appearance and voice-over by Chris O’Dowd, star of The IT Crowd and Bridesmaids. The film is a humorous take on getting around London during the Olympic Games and offers a ‘chilled-out’ alternative here.

With just 10 days to go to the Olympics, we need your help to spread the message to all your friends, colleagues and business contacts in Britain. 

So, view and share this new short film.

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