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New Global Advertising Campaign
to reach 200 million potential visitors

Tourism Ireland has kicked off 2012 with the roll-out of a brand new global advertising campaign this week – to promote the island of Ireland overseas over the next three years.  The campaign has gone live on television in Great Britain on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky 1 and satellite channels.

The new ads will also appear on TV in France and Germany; in cinemas in GB and the US, Spain and Italy;
on outdoor sites in GB; and online in our other 22 markets.  They will reach up to 200 million potential visitors worldwide.

The soundtrack for the TV ads is taken from the latest album, Fallen Empires, by Co Down band
Snow Patrol.  The new campaign is designed to reflect the immersive nature of a holiday here with iconic experiences and warm, friendly people.

Click here to view the TV ads.

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