Tourism Ireland 'Situation and Outlook Analysis Report'

Dear Industry Colleague,

As we head into the main tourism season our marketing campaigns are in full swing. 

Because official data on visitor numbers for the first quarter will not be available until the end of May, we have prepared a ‘Situation and Outlook Analysis Report’ (SOAR) which captures current available data from a range of industry partners at home and overseas.  The overall outlook is one of cautious optimism for the season ahead, with some markets such as the United States, Canada and Germany showing strong positive sentiment.  The GB market remains fragile; however, TV campaigns there will run until the end of June, to capitalise on the late booking trend in this market.  In addition, we will be working to maximise the visits of Queen Elizabeth II and President Obama in May, given the large international showcase they represent.

Please click here to view the report.

We will send you an updated SOAR report in early May.

Kind regards,


Niall Gibbons FCA
Chief Executive

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