Tourism Ireland welcomes growth in Q1 2018
~ Overseas visitor spend +16% ~
~ Holiday visitors +15% ~

Today’s figures from the CSO confirm strong growth in overseas visitor spend and holiday visitors in Q1 2018, compared with the same period last year.

Revenue from overseas visitors to Ireland grew by over +16% in the first three months of 2018  – an additional €110 million for the Irish economy –  while overseas visitor numbers grew by +6.4%. Particularly welcome from a tourism perspective is the +15% growth in holiday visitors, whose spend also grew by +24%.

North America (+17.6%) continues to perform strongly and arrivals from Mainland Europe (+11.8%) are also excellent. While it is heartening to see growth in revenue from British visitors – +4.7% – it is too early to say if this represents a turnaround in the long-term trend.

Looking to the upcoming summer season, the air and sea access picture is very positive – with increases in the number of airline seats from Britain, Mainland Europe, North America and long-haul markets.

Tourism Ireland’s campaigns are now in full swing around the world. Our aim is to grow overseas tourism revenue in 2018 to €6 billion for the island of Ireland.

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