Exceptional +13% growth from overseas for January-October 2015

We’re on track for a record year, as Tourism Ireland continues to roll out a number of late-season campaigns around the world, to kickstart our promotional effort for 2016. Today’s figures from the CSO (Central Statistics Office) indicate that this was the best ever January to October period for overseas visitors to Ireland, with more than 7.4 million arrivals recorded. Overseas visitor numbers have increased by almost +13% over the first ten months of 2014 – an additional 842,300 visitors. This is good news indeed, with the increase in visitor numbers from overseas helping to boost economic recovery around the country.

Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, said: “Today’s figures indicate that we are heading for a record year for Irish tourism in 2015, with more than 7.4 million people arriving here during the January to October period – an increase of almost +13%, or an additional 842,300 overseas visitors, when compared to 2014. I am delighted to see that growth has been recorded from all of our markets around the world, with record numbers coming here from North America (+13%), Mainland Europe (+14%) and long-haul markets (almost +14%). I also welcome the continued strong performance from Britain (+11%), our largest market for overseas tourism.”
  • Overseas visitor numbers are up almost +13% between January and October 2015 – 842,300 additional visitors.
  • Great Britain: Almost 3 million arrivals were recorded from GB, our largest market, representing growth of +11%, about 303,600 extra British visitors compared with the first ten months of 2014.
  • North America: visitor numbers from the United States and Canada are up +13%, about 157,600 extra American and Canadian visitors. Ireland now welcomes 10% of all American visitors to Europe – particularly noteworthy given the intense competition from other destinations.
  • Mainland Europe: it’s been another superb performance from Mainland Europe, with more than 2.6 million visitors (up +14% or 326,200 extra arrivals) – with markets like Italy,  Germany, France, Spain, Benelux and the Nordic countries all recording really good growth.
  • Australia and Developing Markets (ADM): it’s also been another record performance for arrivals from Australia and developing markets – up almost +14%, or 54,900 additional visitors.
Niall Gibbons continued: “We are determined to ensure that tourism growth continues. Tourism Ireland has a number of late-season campaigns under way right now, to kickstart our promotional effort for 2016. The recent inclusion of Dublin at number three in the prestigious ‘Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2016’ gives Tourism Ireland another wonderful hook in our promotions of Ireland around the world as a ‘must visit’ destination. Next week, we will outline our plans for 2016, when we will be pulling out all the stops to keep this momentum going and ensure that the island of Ireland continues to increase its share of the global travel business.”

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