Community goes multilingual
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Tourism Ireland’s ’ Community’ has just gone multilingual. And, it is now available for all our English-speaking, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch markets.

The Community helps us to support our visitors more effectively while they are planning their trip. It connects potential visitors with industry and trade partners at home and overseas and creates a bigger and more diverse pool of trusted travel information for everyone’s benefit.

A big thank you to those who have already registered and have helped us
 - respond to over 500 questions, which received well over 1,500 replies
 - achieve over 175,000 page views
 - attract over 44,000 visitors
 - make over 7,000 referrals to industry partners
 - achieve over 1,000 registered users to date on the island of Ireland, in the US and GB

So, take another look at the Community. Now is the time to join in.

Send your contact details and areas of expertise to:
He’ll be happy to help with any queries. And, be sure to read the House Rules.

Register here today and be part of it!

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