SOAR Report February 2017

Welcome to our first SOAR of 2017.

The year has kicked off well. Feedback from industry sources suggests a positive start in the early weeks. Web visits and organic traffic to were also up +25% and +10% respectively in January.

Tourism Ireland’s first half marketing campaigns are in full swing. There has already been strong industry participation at key consumer and trade events overseas and further promotions and sales missions are planned. Air and sea access remains positive and is set for further growth this summer. Our extensive overseas publicity programme is under way. We will continue to leverage our strength in digital marketing and our successful partnerships with Game of Thrones and Star Wars. And, we will capitalise on the tourism benefits of major sporting events, including the Irish Open at Portstewart Golf Club and the Women’s Rugby World Cup.

Since the referendum in the United Kingdom on Brexit, Tourism Ireland has been monitoring developments closely. We will continue to work with island of Ireland industry and overseas trade partners to promote compelling holiday experiences, ease of access and, in particular, to highlight good value for money.

Tourism Ireland aims to grow overseas tourism revenue to the island of Ireland by a further +4.5% to €5.7/£4.9 billion in 2017.

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