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Olympics campaign targets 8 million+ Londoners

Dear Industry Colleague,

This summer’s Olympic Games in London present a unique opportunity to showcase the island of Ireland.  With a global audience of about 4 billion, the Olympics is the largest sporting event in the world and Tourism Ireland is working hard to maximise the potential for our tourism industry.

While the Olympics will, undoubtedly, be a very exciting time in London and will draw huge crowds, day-to-day life will become that bit more hectic for Londoners.  An expected 18 million extra journeys will be taken on the London underground, alone, between the opening and closing of the games.

Tourism Ireland is using this opportunity to present the island of Ireland as the ideal escape destination during this busy time.

Below are some of the highlights of our ‘Escape the Madness’ campaign.

Niall Gibbons

Chief Executive


Olympics campaign targets 8 million+ Londoners

Tourism Ireland is targeting more than eight million Londoners this month, promoting the island of Ireland as a hassle-free holiday from the Olympic games.  The ‘Escape the Madness’ campaign will portray this as the ideal ‘escape’ destination during this busy time.

Over 200 large ads will appear in underground stations across London, highlighting the wide open spaces and lack of congestion here.  Commuters will see them during the morning and evening rush hours.


Millions of readers of the Evening Standard, the popular free daily newspaper, will also see the ads.  Again, the message will urge them to ‘escape’ to the beautiful landscape and open spaces of the island of Ireland.

They will also see ads for Aer Lingus in the Evening Standard, highlighting attractive fares from London and encouraging them to book that escape straight away.


Tourism Ireland is also working with, promoting B&B and hostel stays this summer.

Social media will help create awareness of all the great things to see and do here.  Tourism Ireland has been posting status updates on the Olympic Torch Relay on Facebook and Twitter. Messages will be posted regularly before and during the games using the hashtag #Escapethemadness to encourage lively conversations about holidays media

A specially-created web page on will also promote key sporting events and festivals taking place across the island this summer.

A busy PR and publicity programme is also under way.  A series of itineraries for the thousands of accredited and non-accredited international media visiting London for the Olympics will encourage them to come here before, during or after the games.  Options being presented include programmes for 24, 48 and 72-hour visits, great golf ideas and information on festivals and events across the island.

Tourism Ireland is also working closely with key tour operators in all our overseas markets.  The visa waiver scheme is being highlighted in emerging markets like China and India.  Tourism Ireland is also working with the official Olympics tour operators in a number of markets, to assist them in offering package extensions to the island of Ireland for clients attending the games. 



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