Hospitality Exchange
Ramada Hotel, Belfast
Tuesday, 13 October

It's that time of year again and our colleagues at the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation are bringing us a seminar on Integrated Marketing as part of the annual Hospitality Exchange.
Integrated Marketing
Can you deliver results?

Successful businesses adopt an integrated approach to marketing. It is not a paper exercise. Websites, telephone greetings, coffee cups, wine glasses... these all say something about you! They are all part of your marketing message.

This workshop pulls together the many strands of marketing. It is a real opportunity for independent operators and sales and marketing professionals.

Branding Is More Than A Logo
A brand is the promise of what you will deliver. Every business already has an image which needs to be shaped to meet your target market. This session will look at products from concept to execution.

Jeremy Poots from Mammoth, a Belfast based advertising agency, will reveal how to create
a brand that means something to your business.


Marketing Integration
Bringing all of your marketing efforts together in a co-ordinated approach will reap rewards. Session two will look at practical examples of how tourism and hospitality businesses can reach new audiences in low cost ways.

Sháá Wasmud is a respected marketing strategist who has worked with the government, social networking phenomenon, Bebo and major brands such as Dyson.


Selling Overseas
Tourism Ireland has a very broad mix of marketing channels from traditional to the latest cutting edge. Looking at some of their successes will give you an insight into where your business can go next.

Mark Henry, Director of Central Marketing, Tourism Ireland will show how they market Ireland around the world using everything from TV to Facebook, Postcards to Billboards.


Tuesday 13th October
10.30 – 13.00 with break
£35 seminar only or £50 including lunch

Book online at www.hospitalityexchange.co.uk or telephone 028 90776635 (048 from ROI)

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