Dear Industry Colleague

The challenging conditions facing tourism on the island of Ireland and globally have persisted into the autumn.  Our third quarter situation analysis and outlook reaffirms all of our concerns, reflecting the severity of the downturn in tourism to the island, with continuing declines in visitor numbers and revenue from all of our main source markets.  Click here for full details of the report.

Conditions remain extremely difficult for the tourism industry on the island of Ireland, with yields continuing to be squeezed as a result of major discounting and depressed overseas demand and we are very much aware that the extremely competitive environment is presenting many challenges for all tourism enterprises.  Although much uncertainty persists, consumer confidence is improving, albeit slowly, which should help business next year.

We are currently finalising our Marketing Plan for 2010 which we will present to you, our industry colleagues, in early December.  Our objective is to restore growth in visitor numbers next year, with a plan which is both tactical and urgent.  The key focus for us will be to restore growth from the British market; this, combined with additional industry opportunities and collaboration to close the sale, will be vital to our success.


Niall Gibbons
Chief Executive
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